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Every environment needs its right table; choose the table that better fits to your taste and to your living room, kitchen or studio among the various models suggested by our online catalog! Between modern, classic, consolle, fixed tables and extendable tables, everything is produced to satisfy your needs and make your space a beautiful, personalized, organized and functional one, to always make you feel at home. Net and Feel can guarantee you high quality always at a convenient price and a security built over the years thanks to the collaboration with specialized transporters that will contact you before the delivery, to let you organize.


Do not let this chance pass you by: we offer you a large selection of fixed or extendable tables at special prices, up to 30% in any size or finish available. And if you are new customer, you will be provided with a reduction code for your first purchase, that will be automatically applied as soon as the product will be added to the cart.

Aladino Connubia
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Apex Extendible TemaHome
Price from
Apex Fix TemaHome
Price from
Art Bonaldo
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Art Console Bonaldo
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Baron Ceramic Connubia
Price from €1.259
Baron Wood Connubia
Price from €841
Baud Stones
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Big Table Bonaldo
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Coast Zamagna
Price from €2.353
Dine Connubia
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Dix Connubia
Price from €749
Dorian Connubia
Price from €915
Drift TemaHome
Price from €717
Duel Connubia
Price from €1.550
Dusk 130 TemaHome
Price from €928
Dusk 150 TemaHome
Price from €1.103
Eagle Stones
Price from €1.200
Eminence Ceramic Connubia
Price from €1.042
Eminence Consolle Connubia
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Eminence Wood Connubia
Price from €575
Flow TemaHome
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Focus TemaHome
Price from €772
Gate Connubia
Price from €2.091
Giove Connubia
Price from €858
Hey Gio! Round Connubia
Price from €1.365
Hey Gio! Square Connubia
Price from €1.416
Kyoto Stones
Price from €1.307
Loft th TemaHome
Price from €542
Lord Connubia
Price from €1.002
Magic-J Connubia
Price from €950
Mascotte Connubia
Price from €834
Mikado Connubia
Price from €1.000
Mikado Connubia
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Multi Storage 160 TemaHome
Price from €735
Olimpo Sedit
Price from €851
Origami Sedit
Price from €698
Origami - Book System Sedit
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Origami - One System Sedit
Price from €988
Peeno Connubia
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Pegaso Connubia
Price from €2.060
Pentagon Connubia
Price from €744
Pinocchio Stones
Price from €997
Planet Connubia
Price from €562
Prado TemaHome
Price from €413
Rondò Stones
Price from €334
Ship Zamagna
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Sigma Wood Connubia
Price from €2.142
Snap Connubia
Price from €542
Stecco Connubia
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Twist Zamagna
Price from
Twist H8 cm Zamagna
Ask us for a quote
Volga TemaHome
Price from €385
Wings Connubia
Price from €1.835
Wood Stones
Price from
Zeffiro Connubia
Price from €1.197
Zoe Round Sedit
Price from €673


The tables are an indispensable addition to any kind of furnishing, they are fundamental for the reception and the decoration of an environment; Net and Feel offers you a large choice thanks to its rich catalog, with products that can guarantee you quality, security and durability over time. Connubia Calligaris, Stones, TemaHome... just to name a few, these are the companies that you can find here on Net and Feel and that can offer you a chance to create a personalised space, for an even more beautiful and fashionable home.

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